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Blue RibbonBlue Ribbon Service for Sellers means to help clients bring their properties to the market with the appeal and quality that Buyers want, but don't often get.

I work closely with my Seller-clients by listening to their goals then putting my experience to work with aggressive marketing, staging suggestions, resource referrals and my escrow coordination & marketing assistants - helping Sellers achieve those goals, including getting the best price for their property.

  • Curb Appeal - The front yard & doorway greets the prospective buyer. Make sure it is fresh, clean and swept. Keep lawn trimmed, edged and free of garbage.

  • Light and Bright ...Keep the property as clean as possible, use light and bright colors for accents, and, most important, get rid of the clutter! Personal photographs and knick-knacks are very important to you, but they are distracting to potential buyers.

  • Repairs can make a big difference! Dripping water suggests faulty plumbing. Loose knobs, sticking and squeaking doors and windows, warped cabinet fronts or drawers and other minor flaws detract from home value.

  • If there is any question - paint it! Don't be mislead by poor advice that the buyer may not like your color selections. Just choose a light neutral color and paint, paint, paint. Nothing will do more to improve the looks than a fresh coat of paint!

  • Keep all stairways clear. Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.

  • Carpet does wonders for a house. It ties the rooms together and makes them appear larger. If you have carpeting, be sure it is clean and replace worn areas.

  • Call a local thrift or the Goodwill. Unload those clothes and cupboards. Your closets will seem much larger if you remove the old clothes. Clean out the garage and store any extra furniture.

  • Bathrooms help sell homes! Check and repair caulking around sinks and showers. Make them sparkle! Keep surfaces as clutter-free as possible.

  • Smells are offensive please make sure all cooking, pets and other smells are taken care of.

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Eight Simple Steps/Process for Selling Your Home

  • Step 1: Get your home ready for sale – make it attractive.
    If you can make your house attractive, you would be able to draw a considerable number of eager homebuyers. Your objective is to amaze homebuyers. Get the views of your neighbors about the outlook of your house and ask them how you can make it more presentable.

  • Step 2: Price your home efficiently
    You should not price your house excessively high. If you do that, it would lessen the interest of the buyers. This is the most important cause why home sellers cannot sell their homes profitably. You should always keep in your mind that the home price is determined by the home selling market and not you (the seller).

    The simplest means to correctly price your home is to get in touch with your local home appraiser.

  • Step 3: Find a real estate lawyer

    It is always prudent to engage a real estate lawyer in spite of the fact that it is an extra cost. He would work for protecting your interests during the whole deal. A seasoned lawyer would help you assess complex offers (where there are a range of terms and conditions), function as an escrow agent for holding the down payment, assess complicated mortgages and/or rentals with options to purchase, analyze deals and manage the closing procedure of your home.

  • Step 4: Marketing for your home

    For selling your home quickly, exposure is an important factor.

    Writing your advertisement for sell: If you are giving a newspaper advertisement, the ad must be detailed yet short, easy to understand and pertinent.

    Home photos: If you provide a photo of your home, it would work like a thousand words.

    Open houses: You can conduct an open house with the help of realtors for drawing buyers to your home.

    Lawn signs: Lawn signs work as one of the strongest marketing tools for home sellers. They draw notice to your home. It can be a professionally produced sign or a directional sign.

    Information sheets/home brochures: Making an information sheet along with a photo of your house is always advisable to attract prospective homebuyers.

    Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Multiple listing service or MLS also assists in marketing your home, especially to realtors who might have knowledge of buyers looking for a home like yours. It is basically a directory utilized by realtors.

  • Step 5: Negotiation of a bid on your home

    You should take the advice of your attorney whenever an offer is made by a homebuyer. You can receive the offer either directly from the buyer or from his attorney. There is an Attorney Review Period applicable, which is normally three days, to decline or modify the offer. It becomes an agreement when the Attorney Review Period has expired and is compulsory. Always evaluate the financial eligibility of the buyer. Also try to get a better idea of the home selling market trends.

  • Step 6: Home inspections

    The potential homebuyer has the authority to inspect your home – therefore get ready. You can also consult your local home inspector to know how your house would score. As soon as the inspections are over, the buyer would send the application to the commercial mortgage lender.

  • Step 7: Buyer appraisal and other information

    The mortgage lender would arrange for a buyer appraisal for your home to ensure that they're not paying higher than the value of the house. A mortgage commitment is issued by the mortgage lender and all the terms and conditions enumerated on it have to be accomplished by the buyer and his attorney.

  • Step 8: Closing

    Closings normally happen 30-45 days following the signing of the sales agreement. You can close with the help of a title company or a lawyer. During closing, all funds are gathered, any existing liabilities are paid off, the deed is handed over and insurance for a free and clear title is issued. The home seller would get the proceeds in one or two working days subsequent to the closing.

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