Glossary of Real Estate Terms

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Term Definition
Government loan (mortgage)

Government loan is a kind of mortgage which is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the Rural Housing Service (RHS). Non government loans Mortgages are classified as conventional loans.

Grant Deed

This is one of the many types of deeds which was used to transfer the real property. This contains warranties against prior conveyances or encumbrances. When title insurance is purchased, warranties in a deed are of little practical significance.

Group home

This is a kind of single-family residential structure which is designed for occupancy by unrelated developmentally disabled persons. It provides long-term housing and support services that are residential in nature.


Guardian is a person who is appointed by a court for managing the person and the property of one who is legally incompetent to handle his/her own affairs

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