Glossary of Real Estate Terms

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Term Definition

Capital means the amount of money which you invest in the business to create income. The whole some of amount accumulated by a person is also called Capital.

Cash-out refinance

Cash-out refinance is a refinance transaction where the borrower gets additional money which is needed to repay the existing first mortgage.

Collateral Security

Collateral Security means some additional security provided by the borrower. Here the lender is given the right to sell the property to repay the debt if the borrower can not repay his debt.


Conservator is a person who is appointed by the court to take care of the property of an incompetent person who is unable to take care of his property due to his bad health.


Conditions in a real estate contract that specifies the contract would cease to exist upon the occurrence of a certain event


Corporation is an entity which is authorized by the law and set by a group of people. It is endowed with certain rights and privileges but it has some duties also.

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