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Fresh Fruit Recipes * Raw Food Diet Menu * Free Easy Healthy Recipes * Healthy Breakfast Menu Ideas * Eating Raw Food Diet Weight Loss * ❤ Herbal Detox Tea & Watermelon Breakfast! ❤ * I n g r e d i e n t s * — God's Herbs Heal-All Herbal Tea, or other herbal tea recipes of your choice http://bit.ly/14fdjt — Watermelon * P r e p a r a t i o n * — 1) Prepare tea according to package directions. — 2) Cut watermelon. — 3) Drink your tea, then eat your watermelon. Yes, it is that simple! * I n s p i r a t i o n * — Enjoy the simplicity of whole, juicy fruits for breakfast! Try to just stick to one variety of fruit for breakfast, if you can. Simple eating is good eating. For the calorie-conscious, the calories in watermelon and other juicy fruits is very, very low...but it is not about cutting calories, it is about eating more of the healthy foods and gaining health! The foods of nature are inherently all low calorie and low fat. — What is a "Healing Crisis," or a "Healing Event"? When you eat more cleanly, your body begins to release old toxins that were previously clogged up in your lymphatic system. You may find yourself having to blow your nose or coughing all the time, or on the more extreme end you may have puss come out of the skin, primarily in the locations of your lymph nodes. If you don't know what is happening, then it can be scary...but now that you know that it is simply part of the process, you can relax! Your body is just getting that stuff out of you as quickly as possible, so give thanks! ;-) — Nature doesn't isolate. Nature is whole and pure. She knows what she's doing! She is infinitely intelligent, and already had it all figured out for us! Have faith in her infinite wisdom. Each fruit and vegetable is a perfectly balanced piece of nature. It is NOT about eating 100% raw. It is about eating 100% HEALTHY. Eat the food that grows off the trees, or out of the ground. It is unfortunately today possible to be 100% raw, but totally unhealthy...for example, if you are basing your diet on heavy raw foods such as nuts, pâtés, dehydrated crackers and other dehydrated foods, raw vegan ice creams and other dessert treats. ❤ You Like? ...then Please Subscribe! ❤ — Please click the yellow 'Subscribe' button above, so I can keep on keeping on.... with helping *you* to keep on keeping on!! ❤ ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK! ❤ I would love to communicate with you there. Just click here: http://bit.ly/1acIhU Love, Dan .
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Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Raw Food Diet : Using Dehydration for Raw Food Breakfast Cereal
Learn how to dehydrate a healthy raw food breakfast cereal recipe in this free cooking video on making raw food breakfast recipes. Expert: Denise Bennett Bio: Denise Bennett, is the owner of Gentle Soul Cafe in L.A. CA, and a partner in Light &Love Cafe in Sedona, Arizona. Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler
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Healthy Breakfast Recipes On The Go
Try these healthy breakfast recipes to save money and lose weight! Bring these breakfast foods to work or school. Get more healthy recipes at http://diet.com/video or save this video for less than a buck straight to your ipod by selecting download below the play button! **Sponsored Message: "Acai" - http://www.diet.com/tracking/hitcnt.php?affid=1943&mode=12 Find more fitness videos at http://diet.com/videos or own this video for just $0.75! These healthy breakfast ideas are ideal for someone looking for "breakfast on the go" Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/diethealth Subscribe to win free prizes every month!
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Bruschetta Recipe from SimpleFoodie.com. Need an easy to make appetizer for a party? This takes hardly any time and its full of flavor. There is nothing like a combination of fresh basil with tomato on a slice of toasted bread.
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EMcafe - Surprise Appetizer
Staci Wallace and her mother are in the kitchen creating a wonderful appetizer for any party.
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Cooking With Oonagh - Easy Shrimp Appetizer
Award winning TV Chef Oonagh Williams from Royal Temptations demonstrates an elegant appetizer that's visually dramatic. A print copy of this Easy Shrimp Mold recipe is available at www.RoyalTemptations.com.
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Unique Asian Shrimp Appetizer
Owner and executive chef of Dinotto Ristorante in Chicago, Dino Lubbat, creates an amazing appetizer with kataifi, or shredded phyllo dough, and shrimp paired with a mango sauce that provides a great presentation and wonderful flavor. For the complete recipe, go to: http://www.athens.com/recipes/recipetrade.aspx?recipe_id=1149
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